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2 Things To Know Before Commissioning For A Website Design In Malaysia

Website design in Malaysia can be quite hard on determining the right company or agency to work with. I will assume you have a list of potential agencies that you are willing to work with. Of course, you might be asking yourself “you’re a web design agency as well, why help your competitors”? Simple really, we want you to succeed even if we aren’t on your list but if you decide to work with us after reading this article then you realize how valuable our services are.

For simplicity’s sake, all listed below are considered a standard do not settle for less. A cheaper web design does not mean it has the worst design. Likewise, an expensive web design does not mean it has the best design. What makes a good web design agency is well, their web design proposal, did you get a free quote when you contacted them or had a meeting with them?

Free Quotes

So what are these two and why do they go hand-in-hand? Free quotes mean they don’t charge you for a meeting or charge for a question that you want to know. I know this is shocking right? Why does someone go on a meeting without confirming if the project is accepted? Well in our case we want to build connections and help you figure out what’s needed in order to grow your online business. You might need our service now, but in the future, it might be needed. Also, it’s just a meeting it will make or break the web design project.

After the meeting and you decided to work with the web design agency. In most cases you will be sent a proposal after the meeting, this is true for the most part. Why? Because you felt good in the meeting with the agency, they understand your problem and provided a solution. That is good but did you take into consideration the end result of your website? You most probably didn’t but that’s fine, that’s what this article is for. Now you might ask “so Jeff, how does one know what my website will look like without spending so much money”? Easy, the web design agency provides a Free Prototype on what it will look like. This prototype is not the complete website but just the homepage or the main page of your website.

Web Design Proposal

The homepage will 100% give you an idea of what the end result of your website will be. It’ll determine if it’s a flop or a gem. The prototype should not be given after 2-5 days after you decided to go with the agency. If not you did not receive this, please go and request it from the web design agency. You are spending thousands possibly even hundreds of thousands of Ringgit this should be free as it also gives you peace of mind that your new website is awesome!

You are now equipped with the two factors that decide the quality of the agency when hiring for a Website Design In Malaysia

If you’d like to work with us instead book a meeting here: Polygon| Book A Meeting (

If you want to know our web design standards read this Polygon Web Design Standards (

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