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The 2 ways To Determine If The Web Designing Company is great

How do determine if the Web Designing Company In Malaysia is actually good? First, let me do a little self-promotion, Polygon Web Design is pretty great, we know what you need and really just want you to grow. Okay, I finished promoting our company. Here’s what to look out for when hiring a web design company.

1) Verify they are actually legit

Believe it or not, there are a couple of business owners that got scammed. You see, when something is too good to be true it probably is. In the web designing industry verifying if their legit is pretty simple. One of the many ways is to actually look at the quality of their website. Does it look good or does it look bad? If it looks horrible then they are scammy or just provide horrible websites (that’s considering they are legit).

The other is to actually give them a call or have a short meeting. In the short meeting tell them your requirements for your website and the cost of it. They can’t justify the cost of their service then they are probably a bad company. Finally, during the meeting, if they aren’t able to answer most of your questions then they can’t make it. It also acts as a way to determine how good they are. If they can explain it easily that you as a non-techy person can understand then it’s safe to say they’re pretty good.

2) Do they have a portfolio?

Just look at their portfolio, does it look good or bad? If it’s good then nice if bad then run away and look for another company. Now what you really need to look out for is if their portfolio is copied from somewhere. So, how do you check if they just stole a website design online? Simple really, just do a reverse image search. I personally use this tool Google Reverse Image Search for Mobile – How to Reverse Image Search on your Phone and iPad ( To use this tool download the web design image and upload the image to the website.

web designing company in malaysia
web designing company in Malaysia

It’ll spew out some results, the great thing is it’ll actually show the links that are using the exact image. This will tell you two things. 1 is you get the original source of the Web design meaning you are able to find the right company to work with, 2 is you know they are a scam.

There you are, the only 2 ways to know if the web designing company in Malaysia is actually worth to work with

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