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Terms of service. No one likes reading those long terms of service so here’s a super straight to the point list

1) We are not able to control server outages but don’t worry 99.99% of the time your website is up and running.

2) Your website (server, domain, and/or design) is owned 100% by you(customer).

3) Once an agreement has been reached for a web design project a 30% project deposit will be made.  The other 70% will be made once the website is 100% developed

4) Hosting & Maintenance is not covered by the web design project. These will be paid monthly or yearly(5% or more discount)

5) Additional scope, features, or changes made on your website that are requested will be charged based on complexity

6) There will be a max of 14 days grace period for late payments. After the end of the grace period, your website will be down. Another 14 days(total of 28 days) and the website will be shut down and our service will be terminated. 

7) A copy of your website is provided upon request (website source code and MySQL)

8) We only develop websites on WordPress. 

9) We will provide 1 free professional email (domain name), additional professional emails cost RM 120 yearly

10) Backend access(admin) is provided to the customer.

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