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5 Important key factors that determine the quality of the web design agency


Understand what makes or breaks a design agency! We don’t mind if you are going through prospects on who to work with but if you are then use this guide to determine if they are the right choice. At polygon web design, we set standards.

As much as we want you to work with us, we also want you to succeed or grow your business. I’ll divide the requirements by importance

  • Is SSL given free of charge?
  • Do they provide website Backups?
  • Do they integrate Google Analytics?
  • Are they providing Scalable Solutions?
  • Does the web design agency provide basic SEO?

Let me explain why those 4 are the importance of web development.

Free SSL

SSL, what’s an SSL? In short, it prevents hackers from accessing your website. It’s the lock icon that’s by the address bar. You will notice that Google does not particularly like websites without the lock icon. Google will usually warn the user that the website is not private or secured. Now, you’re probably wondering its security why should it be free? That’s because it is free, It’s so mandatory that there are companies such as that provide them for free and it should remain free.

Website Backups

Backups, are the one thing that saves you from disasters. When something goes horribly wrong, you’ll want to restore it to its original working state. Now imagine your website broke, without the backup the developer will need to re-create the website from scratch meaning your business will be down for a couple of weeks or months. It’ll hurt profits, we charge maintenance fees to make sure your website runs in its optimum state while keeping backups in mind.

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics keeps track of what users do on your website. You see this little tool gives you a lot of information to really optimize your website, quite hard to picture right? Let me further explain, Imagine getting this information. Customer age group, Gender, how long they stay on the site, what they click, where the user is from. Now, using the customer age information. Say your business sells TV and you’re running online advertising with common sense it’s safe to assume that those around the age of 20-30 are someone who would buy your TV.

To make things much simpler, the tool will provide you with the information of the perfect customer to target. In the TV scenario, it might say something like the majority of customers who purchase are in the age of 27, with this new information you can adjust the advertising to target only 27-year-olds ultimately reducing cost and increasing revenue.

Scalable Web Server Solutions

Scalable solutions. In a nutshell, it’s how easy it is to upgrade your hosting or server. Your business grows with the server, this is the reason we use cloud servers. Fast speeds, easy to upgrade and it’s a personal server. What’s a cloud server you ask? Well, it’s like having a dedicated computer that runs your website. Most websites are slow, this is largely due to most people using traditional methods(shared hosting).

Most big tech companies do not use shared hosting and neither should you. We develop websites in the cloud but that doesn’t mean your money will also fly to the cloud(pun intended). We do our best to lower cost, the cheapest cloud hosting is 12USD or roughly RM50 monthly.

Basic Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Search engines will know what your website is about with SEO. By basic SEO, I mean by updating the links so it shows neatly in google search results. Basic SEO handles this making it look better and tells the user an overview of what you do. Here’s an image to make it easier to picture.

bad seo

Now you know at Polygon, these are the web design standards. You are now equipped with the knowledge. If you want us to develop great! Click this link Contact – Polygon ( and fill in the contact form, We’ll get in touch shortly (please allow 1-2 days for us to respond)

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