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How To Start An Online Business Without Investments In Malaysia

This sentence probably comes to almost anyone who will want to start an online business in Malaysia. After some research, you probably discovered that the majority of online businesses require some capital to start. We’ll this is true for the most part but there are some ways to mitigate this. So enough of the explanation, let’s get to the juicy information.

Pick The Right Online Business

True to that, since you have 0 capital or starting money your choices are very much limited. Nothing is free but with the right business, it can be free to start. Having said that here’s a couple of online businesses that you can do straight away without having to spend a single cent

1- Create online content or be a Youtuber.

We all have phones and likely a laptop and or a personal computer. This is probably one of the most popular methods to actually have an online business that also acts as a hobby.  There are multiple ways to earn through online content personally we use youtube to drive traffic to our website or online businesses that are interested in business websites.

To start well you will need a google account, if you need some guidance visit here Create a YouTube channel – YouTube Help ( Once that’s done and you have a channel ready, brainstorm what you enjoy doing. Before youtube became a thing it was an outlet for people to express themselves nowadays people are looking at it from a business perspective.

And rightly so, YouTubers can make $$$ and those who say it’s not a career are either living in a rock or stuck in the past. So brainstorm what you like doing or ask yourself is this something people would watch? For me, I make content explaining how WordPress and Web stuff in general works. It can get tiring at some point but it won’t be as tiring if you treat it as a hobby.

In your case since it’s 0 capital, you will want to create content and generate revenue through advertisements.

Pro tip: Do not limit yourself to only youtube. You can take advantage of TikTok, Facebook, Instagram anything that has a tendency to explode basically. Personally, we use Youtube and Facebook but are looking to expand or increase our chances of getting more exposure. Keep an open mind.

2- Sell Your Services or Products Online

You probably have tried this but didn’t get any success. The reason for that is pretty simple, you are not using it correctly. Let’s break them down to have a better view of how to really take advantage of them.

2.1) Selling Your Stuff Online(new or old)

A man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You might not need it but another person certainly will and they are likely willing to pay for it. I sell my old stuff all time, and if it’s popular enough it’ll be sold in no time. The last time I sold stuff was my old Graphics Card, and with the bitcoin crazed I already got 6 messages the next morning after placing it online. Sounds simple? Well it is, you don’t need to overcomplicate this. Just sell stuff that you think people will want or just through it out there to let people know it’s available.

How To Start An Online Business Without Investments In Malaysia
Selling A Defective GPU on Facebook Marketplace


Use outlets like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. eBay is more well known by western countries so your best bet is to use Facebook Marketplace if you live in Asia. If I managed to sell a semi-defective GPU on Facebook you can certainly sell whatever you have on hand without any issues. The goal of this is to collect funds so you have capital and have more options for your online business.

2.2) Sell Your Service.

Again use outlets that you are comfortable with or use outlets that have been mentioned previously. You are good at something and it’s likely sellable, your question now is to find people who are willing to pay for your service. At Polygon, we sell our professional web development services that are valued by startups or small to medium-sized businesses. I will not go into full detail on why they might need a website but apply that idea to your skills.

How can your service help person B to achieve their requirements? Need more examples? You see we specialize in web development and web designing in general but it doesn’t mean we are good at everything, see our LOGO? I commissioned someone to make that nice-looking logo. Previously it looked like this or a mockup that we made

So what do you think? It looks much better now right? We certainly couldn’t have made that since we do not know where to start with.

That’s How To Start An Online Business Without Investments In Malaysia

Comment down below if you have questions or just want to have a chat.

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