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Roulette is a popular gambling game, for which now you do not need to leave the house. You can bet in the licensed PIN UP casino, where dozens of varieties are presented. But without knowledge of general rules, the game will not bring pleasure. A novice hembler should be aware of the connection between the wheel and Pin Up Casino App the field for bets on how to bet. It will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with the types of game.

Types and rules of roulette

Slot machines and roulette casinos in the virtual institution PIN UP are presented in a wide variety. But three types of roulette are in greatest demand:

European (traditional), where the operator remains 2.7%, and the chances of winning the player are 97.3%. This is the largest percentage in games.

French, in which the institution risks losing, since its advantage is reduced by 2 times (1.35%). Therefore, this version is beneficial for players.

American with double zero. The benefit of the institution increases to 5.26%. Theoretical return is 94.74%.

Any roulette is a field of 36 sectors with numbers and zero (double zero) and a rotating wheel. The player needs to bet, choosing one sector. If the ball froze on this figure, then the player won.

In Pin UP Casino online bets are made before pressing the Start button. The wheel rotates automatically, without the participation of the dealer. The numbers and payment are also voiced.

The main points of bets

pin-up casino

Playing online roulette at a computer is as simple as in a normal institution. The main thing is to deal with the bets that are:

Internal in one sector (straight) or several sectors (series). Depending on the type of game, bets on zero and payment coefficients differ.

External. Have a lower degree of risk, and therefore less payments. Such bets are made by conservative players. External rates are on black and red fields, small and large numbers.

Types of bets can be combined, but you need to take into account the restrictions. There are maximum and minimum limits, as well as special rules for some types. The upper limit is below on the internal rates, since the chances of falling a winning number are larger.

It should be borne in mind that the rules differ in versions of roulette. In a French player, the player receives half the lost chips at La Partage. The American version adheres to the same rule, but called Surrender Rule.

In roulette, you can close the numbers near Zero using 4 to 9 chips.

How to win a roulette

In this game it all depends on good luck. But experienced gumblers still develop systems and tactics to increase the chances. In the online casino, they use the limitation of the amount up to 1000 rates, as the rounds pass quickly.

The roulette in the casino online differs in a slightly different method of calculating results than in ground establishments. Where the ball will go, automatically determines the computer program. It generates a line of code in which the subsequent result is not related to the previous.

The result of the round is known after pressing the start button. The movement of the ball on the screen is made for the sake of effect.

Roulette is considered a gambling game with minimal losses. If you understand the tactics and strategies, to be a little successful, then you can easily win and turn the award into real money.

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