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How Do I Create Website For My Business

How Do I Create A Website For My Business

How do I create a website for my business or how to create your own website for business, this sentence is pretty asked by businesses. It doesn’t really matter if the business is small, medium, or large-sized. If there’s an opportunity to increase revenue or profits it’ll 100% of the time pop up.

Now making a website does not have to be complicated, I’ll guide you along and make it very simple. First let me ask you this, pick one that you prefer. Create a website yourself or hire a designer. For the first one, we have an existing article so if you wanna create a website visit here Can You Design Your Own Website? (

Hiring A Designer or Agency

To be honest this really a sensitive subject for some but generally if you want to know if the designer is good just look at their portfolio. If they don’t have a portfolio look for another. If they do have a portfolio but their designs are not nice look for another. It’s kinda simple if you think about it, just follow your gut most of the time you’ll end up right but to increase the odds of you picking an awesome designer

Having said that we can increase the odds of finding a great designer, here’s a list

1- Do they have a contract?

Seriously, do not ever hire a designer that does not have a contract. The purpose of a contract is to protect you and or the designer, making sure everyone follows their payments and no features that are missing on the final output. I personally saw some of my acquaintances get scammed or their websites looking subpar because they did not have a contract

2- Is It Too Good To Be True?

I know, this usually comes from products or buying something online but it also applies to web designing. Cheap, Fast, Good Looking from the 3 pick two only. If you want it Cheap and Fast, your website will be mediocre at best, you want it fast and looks good it won’t be cheap and finally, if you want it to look good it won’t be fast. If the web designer is offering all 3 then it’s probably too good to be true.

3- Does their portfolio match your taste?

I don’t really need to explain much here as it’s self-explanatory. If their website matches your taste then they can probably make a nice website for you. However, do keep in mind if they do not have an existing project or prototype it doesn’t mean they will make a horrible website.

4- Do they offer after-service?

Creating the website is one thing, maintaining it is what makes them a good designer. WordPress in general has lots of updates and these updates might break your website. The after-service or maintenance is there to make sure your website is running in its optimal state. Alongside regular backups, the designer should have the following.

  1. Online backups
  2. Offline backups
  3. Regular plugin or updates
  4. Security patches

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