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How Do I Build A Website For My Business

How Do I Build A Website For My Business

First of all, I am glad that you are taking the necessary steps to grow your business. Let’s get straight to How Do I Build A Website For My Business  Building a website for your business. It can be pretty daunting without the right course of action. Not to worry though, this topic is our specialty. I’ll break them into four(4) segments. Right, without further ado let’s get to it.

1) Do it yourself or hire a web designer.

Let me ask you these questions. Are you on a budget? You most probably have a budget the question is how much budget do you have. Of course, hiring the most expensive web designer doesn’t always mean great websites. Likewise for cheap web designers doesn’t mean horrible websites. Here’s a quick tip, if you live in America the average website will cost you around 3000 USD(really generous side).  In other countries say India it’ll cost you about 800 USD(Expensive/Standard side). The best thing yet is that the quality from India is probably identical or better than the ones in the US.

They both have their cons and pros. For one, it’s easier to keep in touch with the developer, and/or payments are easier. If you want to determine if the designer is great give our article about the Things To look Out For When Hiring Web Designers

2) Hosting

Now for the slightly more technical area. Here are some head-scratching questions to help you get in the flow of developing your website. Are you planning to sell online or does it act like an information site(something like google maps, contact number, and or email ways to reach out to you)?

Information Type Website

These types of websites don’t require a heavy server so you don’t really need to spend so much on web hosting. You can very much likely buy a cheap quality web hosting like Shared Web Hosting Plans – Fast & Secure Shared Hosting – Bluehost Bluehost that lasts a couple of years. The reason why you can buy these cheap hosting is that it’s a static website, Imagine that you are going to some park that’s like 1km away. You will probably just walk there to save gas. It kinda works the same way with information-type websites, you don’t need much gas(server speed).


Now, this one is quite hard to provide answers and I can’t really give you specific server specifications since not all E-Commerce sites are equal. In some cases you can get by with a shared hosting account, others might need something more powerful. The general rule here is to not cheap out(doesn’t have to be back-breaking expensive). Something like a 10++ shared hosting account will get the job done, Web Hosting Crafted For Top Website Performance & Speed – SiteGround Siteground’s GrowBig package is a good start.

3) What CMS Or Web Framework?

Relax, it just sounds complex but it’s honestly not. CMS means Content Management System or basically a Web Framework. A web framework is a software or tool that helps make the building of websites faster or less workload. Ultimately, it just makes our life less stressful (easier to develop websites). Now you might be wondering, what CMS am I supposed to use? Easy, I’ll list 3 options.

This is what we use. A great framework to work with when you want a customizable CMS. Tons of awesome plugins to boost your website

This uses the WordPress framework but it’s managed by a team and is missing a lot of features and our custom plugin support.

It’s good for websites and their support can practically help you finish the website but it will not be extendable.

Alrighty, that’s my answer on “How Do I Build A Website For My Business”. Of course, it’s not 100% as everyone’s requirements are unique

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