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Can You Design Your Own Website?

Would you like the long answer or the long answer? If it’s short then yes, if the long then it’s a maybe. Let’s go ahead and tackle the topic.

Why yes?

Simple really, there are numbers of software out there that can easily make your website. The free alternatives (ones that can go live) are, Wix, and Google My site. This is what I believe to be the big 3, the most popular but also pretty decent if you ask me what’s the best for DIY then I’ll have to say WIX. The reason for me picking Wix is because it’s pretty much talked about everyone and was heavily promoted. They were very heavy on advertising around the year 2018 – 2020, I remember screaming at their ads for always showing me the same advert. Having said that, their service is pretty nice.

You might be wondering “Jeff, you always use WordPress to develop sites! Why do you recommend Wix”? Well, it’s and not, The WordPress Framework is free but is very limited it doesn’t provide as many features and designs that Wix can provide. My main reason is that you are not able to extend Since we are web designers this is bad news for us as everyone has their own requirements and to meet them we use

Making a website with Wix

Let’s first signup, go here Once you’ve successfully signed up, you create a site and simply pick a template to build your website on.

Can You Design Your Own Website?

Trust me, I meant it when I said it was beginner-friendly. Don’t Believe me? Here’s a 10-minute video by Adrienne

Google Sites

Why it matters with local businesses. For 1 thing it’s free as long and another one is that it’s from google and they recommend it once you’ve successfully verified your business. This means it’s even more likely to show up on the Google search engine. Oh, and you can still use Wix website for your business but it’ll likely not be listed on Google. On the other hand, Wix’s websites looks great compared to Google sites. Having said that Google sites are the simplest way to create a website

If you prefer videos give this a watch

Alrighty you Can Now Design Your Own Website

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